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Posted by ilearnhindi on October 3, 2008

Free online Class




Welcome. Aapka swaagat hai. आपका स्वागत है|

Have you ever wished

  • You had the time and energy to teach your child Hindi?
  • For online classes so you did not have to spend time in traffic?
  • For classes held in a professional setting?
  • For classes that catered specifically to the need of reading, writing or conversational Hindi?
  • For customized learning material such as flash-cards, workbooks, quizzes, etc.


I offer Hindi classes and workshops in group and individual settings.  My classes entail the use of online quizzes, customized assignments and practice worksheets to simplify basic grammar concepts.  I believe learning Hindi in this manner enables long-term retention.  For my adult students, exercises, quizzes and games are uploaded to a website for easy retrieval and management.


If you happen to be an individual curious about Hindi though not ready for formal lessons; please visit my blog for frequent updates on various general topics related to learning Hindi.  Please visit the classes section for more information if you would like to start the journey towards learning Hindi.


phir mile^ge!


dhanyawaad    धन्यवाद

Hindi Learning Center
Founder & Director

3 Responses to “Namaste”

  1. Bharath said

    Very good thing u r doing…thanks a lot…Ur tutorials came real handy….

  2. Good Start….
    I write poems in hindi, it might be helpful…

  3. Monika said

    Looking forward what you will be offering to us. THanks for starting this.


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