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Hindi Lesson1 ( I am….)

Posted by ilearnhindi on October 8, 2008


My Hindi Workshops for adults always start with a simple sentence structure as explained below. 

I am.  मैं हूँ

I = mai^ , मैं (to understand pronunciation of “mai^” please visit quizlet http://quizlet.com/set/338053/ ) (audio in the Vowel translated page)

am = huu^ , हूँ   

^ (Press- shift 6) is what I show for nazalization.  Try saying “mai^” pinching your nose. About this is how close you should sound when saying mai^ without pinching your nose. 

Let’s get right into sentence formation.

I am a girl. mai^ laRakii huu^| मैं ड़की हूँ |  (whenever I write capitals eg: the “R” in previous sentence that means the pronunciation of that consonant is harder than the pronunciation of its lower case companion r  )

Sentence Stucture in Hindi follows Subject Other Verb pattern.  Thus

I = mai^  (subject)

am = huu^ (verb)

thus I am a girl gets spoken as “mai^ laRakii huu^” in Hindi.

Did you notice that I have nothing translated for article “a”. Yes, Hindi does not have articles “a, an, the” as English. Don’t worry too much about too many details yet. Just practice the sentences below.

I am a girl.    mai^  laRakii  huu^|      मैं लड़की हूँ |

I am a boy.   mai^   laRakaa  huu^|    मैं लड़का हूँ |

I am rich.      mai^  amiir  huu^|        मैं अमीर हूँ |

I am happy.  mai^  kush huu^|          मैं खुश हूँ |

I am Indian.  mai^  bhaartiya  huu^| मैं भारतीय हूँ |

I am sick.     mai^  bimaar  huu^|     मैं बीमार हूँ |

I am fine.      mai^  THiik huu^ |      मैं ठी हूँ |

(the reason TH is in capital is because these are retroflex consonant, the ones with hard sound)

I am beautiful.  mai^  sundar  huu^| मैं सुंदर हूँ |

Feel free to practice sentences with I am ____. If you do not know the blank word (nound or adj.) in Hindi,feel free to substitue English word for it. eg:

mai^ bad huu^.

mai^ good huu^.

you got it! 


14 Responses to “Hindi Lesson1 ( I am….)”

  1. baskaran s said

    very nice i love hindi

  2. sandhyaasalakumaran said

    This a very useful site for beginners. thank you.

  3. The E Tutor said

    You have given a nice try. Congratulations.

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