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Hindi Lesson2 (You are..)

Posted by ilearnhindi on October 8, 2008

This is our second grammar lesson to form sentences with structure : you are…..

Hindi distinguishes pronoun “you” by classifying it into three categories.

a) you = tuu = तू is used for when you are intimate with a person and also when you want to be rude to the other person! Sounds strange, right? (piece of advise: stay away from using it) You must have heard it many times if you are into watching Bollywood movies. There is exchanged many times between the actor and actress. Ofcourse the director is showing the intimate, close relationship between the actor and actress. Another place you will recognise is in romantic Bollywood songs.

b) you = tum = तुम is used for people who are familiar to you (eg:friends, children)

c) you = aap = आप use aap when you want to show respect.  (parents, strangers). Also to show politeness.

Now that hopefully we are clear about three ways to say “you” in Hindi let’s talk about what shape “are” takes with these pronouns.

You = tuu = तू                       are = hai   =   है   ( tuu hai) intimate or rude form

you = tum = तुम                    are = ho   =   हो  (tum ho) familiar form

you = aap = आप                    are = hai^ =  हैं  (app hai^) formal form 

Sentence Formation: we will practice tum and aap forms of you only.

Familiar Forms:

  1. You are a girl.      =   tum laRakii ho.   =   तुम लड़की हो| ( you girl are) (Subject Other Verb)
  2. You are a doctor. =   tum doctor ho.   =   तुम डॉक्टर हो|
  3. You are happy.    =    tum kush ho.     =   तुम खुश हो |
  4. You are sick.       =    tum biimaar ho.  =   तुम बीमार हो 

Formal Form:

  1. You are a girl.     =    aap laRakii hai^.   =   आप लड़की हैं|
  2. You are a doctor =   aap doctor hai^.    =    आप डॉक्टर हैं|
  3. You are hapoy.   =    aap kush hai^.      =   आप खुश हैं|

Similarly try different sentences with you (tum and aap).  Practice sentences with similar structure as “You are _____. ” Feel free to substitue the blank with any noun or adjective.

Look out for my next lesson. If you like what you see, leave a comment for me. Thanks! 

PS: My next adults workshops is going to start soon on Wednesday evenings in Artesia (90701). I have 2 spots left. If you are interested  e-mail me or leave a comment. info at: http://www.ilearnhindi.org


8 Responses to “Hindi Lesson2 (You are..)”

  1. shreelakshmi said

    Its very useful.thanks a lot

  2. VIJAY said


  3. nams said

    i want more things to learn n speak fluently

  4. Dewi said

    Thanks for basic hindi, but Mai want more because Mai want to speak hindi with fluent, so anyone can help me?

  5. Rya said

    very nice and easy anyway why did u stop it.Please continue..
    It was reallly helpful and easy too,It seems that u spend much time in making it clear but so far among many websites I have visited to learn hindi yours was nice and better explaining everything carefully,don’t stop it….

  6. Ailia said

    hey this is a great website. really helping out with my college work on hindi. thanks!

  7. Thankyou Mir. Yes, it indeed should be with two ‘i’. Good catch. Wow! I didn’t except someone is waiting for me to add the sounds and had shifted my focus to other things. With your request, I am going to work on it this week. I promise.

    hope to hear from you again!

  8. Mir said

    Hi thanks for your site, your explanations are really clear and easy to follow.

    I have a question: bimaar should be transliterated as biimar?
    It’s a silly question but for following the pronounciation scheme and transliteration I think is important.

    Also what happened with the sound promised?? You will add soon?

    Thanks you

    God bless you

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