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Hindi Lesson 6 (Everything is…… )

Posted by ilearnhindi on December 15, 2008

Hindi Lesson 6 (Everything is……….. Everybody (everyone) is………..)

Everything: sabkuchh (सबकुछ)

Everything takes ‘is’, ‘hai’  just like in English.  


1. Everything is good.                    sabkuchh achchhaa hai.                 सबकुछ अच्छा है |

2. Eveything is fine.                        sabkuchh THiik hai.                      सबकुछ ठीक है |

3. How is everything?                   sabkuchh kaisaa hai.                       सबकुछ कैसा है |

Let us talk about ‘Everybody’ now.

Usage in English is : Everybody is happy. 

Hindi considers it a plural word since we are talking about  more than one person). Therefore the plural ending “hai^” is used.

Let’s make some sentences.

1. Everybody is good.                            sablog achchhe hai^.              सबलोग अच्छे हैं|
2. Everybody is fine.                              sablog THiik hai^.                     सबलोग ठीक हैं|
3. How is everyone.                                sablog kaise hai^                      सबलोग कैसे हैं|

Try what you have learnt so far by practicing these quizzes. Let me know your feedback. 
phir mile^ge.

10 Responses to “Hindi Lesson 6 (Everything is…… )”

  1. Mukund said

    Subkooch achhaa hai ye sahi hai, lekin kyaa aap Hindi kaa abhyaas kar rahe ho ?

  2. sri said

    hello, you are providing nice training.. nice helping to learn…
    thank you

  3. Sabkhuch website mem bahut accha hain

  4. Namaste anshu,

    Aap ka website bahut accha karna hain.

  5. Nee-raj said

    Thank for the presentation guys…..

  6. Hello Purohit ji,

    Wishing you all the best for your presentation.

  7. Namaste Purohit ji,

    In Hindi, dhanyawad is written as “धन्यवाद” . I am glad you like my work.

    Wishing you all the best for your presentation.

  8. Namaste Anshu ji,
    App kaisi hain?
    Aap ka karya hame bahut achha lagata hai.
    Kya aap mere liye HINDI main DHANYAWAD likh sakhti hain.
    Main Apni presentation ki antim slide main Dhanyawad likhna chhahta hun.
    Aap ka abhari!
    Suresh Purohit

  9. Mir said

    namaste anshu

    I would like to suggest that in the quiz you put first the words in hindi and between parentesis the word in english because so far now it seems that the focus is in english and not in Hindi, well is just my opinion.

    Thanks for your work, I am enjoying it a lot!!

  10. […] Hindi Lesson 6 (Everything is…… ) […]

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