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Work: kaam (काम)

Posted by ilearnhindi on December 17, 2008

3. Work:  kaam: masculine.  Work is classified with the masculine gender in Hindi.  Work is a ‘HE’.

Tip to remember: if women like to shop, what do men like? work!! They don’t really have a choice. Someone has to work so that we, women, can shop in stores.  Need I tell you why kaam is masculine now?

Sentence Formation:

(1)    yah kaam achchhaa hai.                             (This work is good)

(2)    Seema kaa kaam bahut mushkil hai.          (Seema’s work is very difficult)

(3)    thoRaa kaam hai.                                      (Work is less)

(4)    aapkaa kaam kyaa hai?                             (What is your work)

(5)    kal kaam bahut zyaadaa thaa.                   (Yesterday, work was too much)


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