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Hindi Lesson 7 ( How is………?)

Posted by ilearnhindi on December 19, 2008

Today we introduce the word “HOW”. 

Hindi Lesson 7 ( How is he, how is she, how is everyone……)

How: kaisaa ( कैसा)


1. How are you?           changes to  You how are?    following the SOV language rule.

subject + Other (object, modifier etc) + Verb

with formal you (आप, aap) aap kaise hai^? आप कैसे हैं?

with familiar you (तुम, tum) tum kaise ho? तुम कैसे हो?

2 How is he?  

vo kaisa hai?  वह कैसा है? (remember he = ‘vah’ and  ‘vah’ is pronounced as ‘vo’)

3. How is she?

vo kaisii hai? वह कैसी है? 

4. How is everyone/everybody?

sablog kaise hai^?  सबलोग कैसे हैं?  (remember, everyone takes the plural form verb ending) refer to lesson 6 if not clear.

5. how is everything?

sabkuchh kaisaa hai? सकु्छ कैसा है? (remember, everything takes the singular form of verb ending)

6. On the same lines?

How is Ram? 

Ram kaisaa hai? राम कैसा है?

Practice for you.

1. How is Sheela?

2. How are Arvind and Radha?

3. How is the movie “Dostana”?

Try to do these and leave in the comments section. I will correct the first three entries if they need correction. 

धन्यवाद,  Keep practicing.


7 Responses to “Hindi Lesson 7 ( How is………?)”

  1. laxmi said

    laxmi said:
    what is skills..

  2. mukesh said

    translate”wo log waha kya kar rahe hai”

  3. Tangerine said

    Sheela kaisii hain?
    Arvind aur Radha kaise hain?
    “Dostana” pikcar kaisii hain?

  4. Neeraj said

    Tha-nks a lot ilea-rnh i’ve learnt a lot and i’ll keep on practicing…

  5. Neela said

    Sheela kaisii hain?

    Arvind aur Radha kaise hain?

    Movie dostana kaisii hai?

  6. Very nice Mary.

    3. “Dostana” pikchar kaisii hai?

    movie = pikchar is a feminine noun thus will take the feminine ending for kaisii.

  7. mary said

    1. Sheela kaisi hai?
    2. Arvind and Radha kaise hain?
    3. “Dostana”pikcar kaisa hai?

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