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dukaan: shop/store (दुकान)

Posted by ilearnhindi on January 5, 2009

4. dukaan: Feminine,  dukaan

Tip to remember:  One of my student associates dukaan being feminine because he said “women like to shop so the word for shop has to be feminine.” I could not agree more. Thanks Santhosh.

 Sentence formation:

(1)    vah dukaan baRii hai.                      (That shop is big)

(2)    vah  harii dukaan achchhii hai.        (That green shop is good.)

(3)    yah  Ramu kii dukaan hai.              (This is Ramu’s shop)

(4)    merii dukaan kal khulegii.              (My shop will open tomorrow)

(5)    aapkii dukaan yahaa^ se kitanii duur hai?  (How far is  your shop from here?)

 baakii phir. (more later)


One Response to “dukaan: shop/store (दुकान)”

  1. Najib Dajani said

    Interesting that dukaan is feminine since it is an Arabic word for shop but masculine in Arabic.

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