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Response to Rakhi

Posted by ilearnhindi on August 19, 2009

This post is in response to Rakhi’s request. Comments section of Transliterated Hindi Vowels
Rakhi said ”

what is the difference in the usage of ऋ and र ? what should we use when we write Ritika?

@Rakhi …. Here you go…

ऋ – is a vowel
र is a consonant.

The name Ritika has come from Sanskrit meaning “movement” “course”, “style”, “rules and regulations”. This is written with a र .

A similar word “Ritu” meaning season, derived from Sanskrit too is written with the ऋ.



3 Responses to “Response to Rakhi”

  1. AP said


    How do you say your name ?

    1. If you say it like: “SO” + “RIN” + “DER”

    “SO” (like the ‘so’ of english) + “RIN” (as in ‘rinse’ of english) + “DER” ( as in ‘under’ of english)
    Then in Devanagari your name should appear like: सोरिंदर or सोरिन्दर

    2. If you say your mum’s name as CHAN ( as in ‘chance’) + DER ( as in ‘under’) + DEE ( as in deer)
    Then your mum’s name Chanderdee : चान्देर्दी

    If the ‘a’ of Ch’A’nderdee is not major (as in ‘chun’ of chunky) then the name is written as: चंदेरदी

    3. Your last name : Tikai

    if you say it as : TI ( as in ‘timber’) + KA ( as in ‘car’) + I ( ee sound – as in ‘eat’)

    Then your last name Tikai: is टिकाई

    Note: Go to Google’s Indic transliteration site http://www.google.com/transliterate/indic and in the box that you see in the middle type your and your mum’s name as you ‘say’ it. The translitrator will show you how it should look like in ‘Devanagari script’ (or Hindi script).

    BTW: it seems your name “Soerinder” is a derivative of “Surinder” (सुरिंदर) a fairly popular name is Punjab area of India.

    Good luck.


  2. Soerinder said

    i’m from the Netherlands, and i am of suriname origin but my grandfather was from india and I never learned the language or the writing. i want to do a tattoo with my mother’s name and my surname, could you kindly translate? it would be greatly appreciated. my mom’s name is Chanderdee and my surname is Tikai. thank you very much for taking the time to

  3. Rakhi said

    thanks for the reply….is there any rule to this? both ritu and ritika are loan words, then why this difference?

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