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Adults Hindi Class

Let us know (anshu@ilearnhindi.com)  if you want to hear from us when our next session of Adults Hindi Reading, Writing, &  Conversational classes commence in Artesia.

Hindi Conversation Class  for Adults :  24th March – 9th June:   Registration Open.  Register early, save your spot.   Small Class size. Great to have some knowledge of Hindi alphabets. If not, get ready for a crash course in reading along with conversational Hindi.  

Time:  7.00 – 9.00pm

Dates:   24th March – 9th June

Duration: 12 weeks, 24 hr. course.

Level 1 : This is a basic Hindi Workshop is for beginner Hindi learners. Students learn to

meet and greet friends and family with appropriate registers.

  • introduce themselves
  • describe things they need.
  • talk about their wishes
  • be able to command and request
  • talk about their likes and dislikes
  • ask simple questions
  • be able to shop and bargain
  • use simple preposition in their sentences.

Students practice conversational skills with each other and the teacher by playing games, acting scenes from life, rapid question and answer session, and solving interactive puzzles at home via online access.

  • An intense class where students are expected to memorize vocabulary, participate in online quizzes,  take online tests, in class role play and come prepared for the next class.
  • We focus on conversation. Hindi reading and writing is encouraged.
  • small class size thus individual attention to each student.  Online Class: 6 students max.
  • Students who participate in learning Hindi script will also be able to read short stories, jokes, street signs by the end of the sessions.

Beginners Advance students review all the above and learn to hold a longer conversation.

Homework:  Students receive home-work via email to keep in touch with the language after each session making this a unique and effective learning experience. Students start recording their responses in an online portal as part of their home-work.

Material fees covers  worksheets, class hand-outs, online quizzes and tests and a mini alphabet poster.

Registeration Closed. to avoid cancellation. To leave questions or comments: E-mail: anshu@ilearnhindi.com

Course Fee: $550 (incl. material fee). Send a check to “I Learn Hindi” 17923 Chaparral Way, Cerritos, CA.

Online Hindi Class:  Learn Hindi 



2 Responses to “Adults Hindi Class”

  1. Mein vidyarti meh Hindi is Rosetta Stone. Mushe badah bolte heh Orange County/Cerrritos keh pas. Now you know how badly I need practice! I am a big Bollywood fan and hope to enjoy movies without subtitles. Also I am planning a trip to Bharat. Mein nehin Hindustani. Mein music, culture aur art meh pyaar karti heh! I am hoping for a discount since I am only interested in conversation practice since I am getting vocabulary, reading and writing Devanagari online already.

  2. Preston R. Porter said

    I was reading the comments and I agreed with one of them. It is hard to find Hindi learning tools out there now a days. I am writing because I would like to attend some of your future classes. I have Indian friends and I would like to talk more with the grandparents since they where always there as some what of a guide. I thank you for your time.

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