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Hindi Resources

  1. IS it a HE or a SHE:  The FRUSTRATION BEHIND LEARNING GENDER CLASSIFICATION OF NOUNS GAVE BIRTH TO “Is it a HE or a SHE“. Hopefully, this link will help you, my blog readers, retain the confusing gender association once and for all. I would love to hear from you if you have an anecdote to tell; your very own special way to remember the gender of a Nouns.
  2. Hindi Sentence Formation: Hindi lessons for beginners.  Basic Hindi made simple. Try out the first few lessons posted here for all Hindi newbies. Enjoy and leave your comment if you like ’em or otherwise.
  3. Hindi Vowels – Transliterated :   Most of us who teach Hindi online or in a class setting use similar key for transliterating the Hindi alphabets in English. The only thing that I do differently is to use “^”  sign, (click on shift 6 ) instead of “n” to represent nasalization. In my teaching I have found out that my students tend to say words like ‘no’ as ‘nahiin’  (नहींन ) . So wherever there is nasalization you will see the carat sign ^ on this website and I hope other websites adopt this too.  Thus we will write ‘no’ as ‘nahii^’  Click here
  4. Hindi Flash cards:    Hindi flashcards are designed to help students of all ages learn Hindi alphabets, vocabulary and word formation. Check them out on Amazon. Use as a learning tool or reference cards.
  5. Hindi Script Tutor  : To learn Hindi alphabets and vowels.
  6.  Namastedosti:  Free Hindi podcast
  7. SpeakHindi : Daily free Hindi podcast
  8. ITRANS transliteration map
  9. Converts ITRANS text to Devanagari
  10. Great animation showing how letters are spoken
  11. Hindi Classes: Cerritos, Artesia, Irvine, UCLA
  12. Hindi University: Youtube lessons by Hindi University
  13. APPS:
  • Android App:  Hindi Vowels Android App available for immediate download from Amazon and Android Market
  • iPhone App : A great application designed by my student to give introduction to the Hindi Script. It has two modes; training and test.  Test  Mode A is IAST to Devanagari, Test Mode B is Devanagari to IAST.
   14.  Online Dictionary:
   15. Hindi Proficiency Guidelines : The Hindi language proficiency guidelines are based on the 1986 generic ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) proficiency guidelines.  They represent a hierarchy of global characterizations of integrated performance in four skill areas (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) in Hindi. The guidelines for each skill area provide a description of linguistic behavior from the novice level (beginner) to superior or distinguished level (full professional competence). Descriptions for each level become increasingly complex in functions, contents, and accuracy.
16. Tamil Language in Context: A comprehensive approach to learning Tamil” along with a DVD containing all of the audio and video files in addition to the entire content of the website .  You can now buy all the online material in book form from here
If you know of a great Hindi resource, that you would like to be added here, leave your suggestion in the comment box below. thank you.

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