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Curriculum for Kids Classes*

Classes offered by Indo-US Heritage Center are interactive and engaging. They are taught keeping in mind the needs of visual, auditory and tactile learners. We incorporate specially selected songs, stories, games, custom designed workbooks and flashcards to teach Hindi and culture awareness to our students.

Online classes are offered to adults 18 and up only. Please do not request online classes for anyone younger than 18 years of age.

Parent & Me ( 3 – 6 years):

This energetic class is offered to our youngest learners. Learning takes place with songs, poems, picture books, interactive slide show and flash cards. Grandparent or a parent is encouraged to attend the class with children 4 years and under.
Most students build basic vocabulary for animals, body parts, colors, etc along with learning 6-8 poems.  Kids are introduced to conversational Hindi as well.  By the end of the year students are able to recognize few Hindi alphabets and distinguish between their sounds, ask and answer basic questions. A  stepping stone to Hindi Beginners 1A.

Hindi Beginners 1A, 1B, 1C:

This year long course emphasizes on recognizing vowels, basic consonants and a few conjuncts with correct pronunciation.
Students are taught to piece together, write and sound out 2, 3, 4 letter words with few dependent vowels.
Students will also be able to talk about their self, their family and friends and learn appropriate relation-names.
Colors, counting, fruits, vegetables and animal names are all part of songs, stories or poems that students are exposed to.
By the end of the year, most students can understand simple questions, respond appropriately, read simple sentences, and write simple words in Hindi. Students can also sing few poems.

Hindi Beginners 2A, 2B, 2C:

At this level, emphasis is on incorporating all 11 vowels in their dependent  forms.
Students will be able to read short stories as well as write words with vowels (dependent and independent)and a few conjuncts.
Conversational drills will take place in Class to introduce students to some basic conversation skills and sentence formation.
Knowledge of fruits and vegetables, days of the week, counting up to 30, short stories and poems will also be taught.
By the end of the year, most students will be able to express their needs, answer to and ask a variety of questions in Hindi, read simple Hindi stories and sing few poems.

Refresher Hindi (Hindi Classes for Heritage Learners):

The emphasis is on conversational Hindi at this level.
Few grammar rules are introduced.
Comprehension skills are developed by acting out scenes from daily life.
Knowledge of Devanagari (Hindi Script) is not mandatory to enroll. They will learn Hindi Script in class. Though the emphasis will be on conversation.
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* The above syllabus is covered in classes held from Sept. to June. For mid session, 12 week classes, part of the above curriculum will be covered. Please talk to the teacher for details.

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